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Even though we were running late, Scott was jovial and candid in his conversation. With that, he took a huff off a morning t and moved into the throng in depth personality profile jovial patrons.

Of course, it shouldn't be surprising, as Fallon and Timberlake may be the two most jovialjoyous people in show business.

Carolina escort typical Biden fashion, the ever- jovial VP teased the crowd for being subdued. In private life, all who knew him agreed as to his sympathetic, jovialand straightforward character.

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In his younger days Jacob Worse had been a little wild, and was now a jovial middle-aged man, about fifty years of age. And then he went off to the Convivial Cannibals, where he ate an enormous tripe supper, sanctuary point nsa personals was more jovial and violent than ever.

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At times they had a word or two in private, and Macfarlane was from first to last particularly kind and jovial. Old Judge Mason, accustomed to seeing Barry in time of stress, tried his best to be jovial.

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New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for jovial on Thesaurus.

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See antonyms for jovial on Thesaurus. The Oxford comma escorts in laurel md many a writer to use or not to use! Whether you're a fan of the Oxford comma or not, take this quiz to see how good you are at using it and commas in general correctly. Jovial, jocose, jocular, jocund agree in referring to someone who is in a good humor.

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Jovial suggests a hearty, best male escort humor: a jovial person. Jocose refers to that which causes laughter; it suggests someone who is playful and given to jesting: with jocose and comical airs.

Jocular means humorous, facetious, mirthful, and waggish: jocular enough to keep up the spirits of all around him.

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Jocund, now a literary word, suggests a cheerful, light-hearted, and sprightly gaiety: glad and jocund amherst escort package. Words nearby jovial joustJouvej'ouvertJouy printJovejovialjovialityJovianJovian planetjowJowett.

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Words related to jovial cordialamiablefestivebuoyantjollypleasantgood-naturedsan francisco escort guidesociablecheeryaffableconviviallightheartedairyanimatedblithecompanionabledaffydelightfuldizzy. Skipper Worse Alexander Lange Kielland. Tales and Fantasies Robert Louis Stevenson.

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Derived forms of jovial joviality or jovialnessnoun joviallyadverb. Tired of Typos? Get Help Now!

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