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As a dating coach and escorts ocean city maryland, I know that one of the most popular traits people look for in a partner is intelligence. Sapiophiles pride themselves in wanting to attract those with ificantly above average intelligence. The meaning of a sapiophile is someone who is attracted to intelligence, more specifically, above-average intelligence. According to a sapiophile personality highlighted by Psychology Today, there is a certain range for what is attractive, intelligence-wise.

A new study by psychologists Gilles Gignac, Joey Darbyshire, and Michelle Ooi of the University of Western Australia suggests that there is a certain IQ score which is the ideal to have in order to be maximally sexually attractive. Any higher an intelligence score than thisand your desirability to others begins to drop off, while lower scores are found less attractive.

Most people are attracted to others who score in the middle range of the IQ test. There escort asiatica coventry no coined term for the opposite of a sapiophile. This would be someone who is attracted to people without intelligence.

Are you a sapiophile? here’s how to know…

Here are the 18 things that will show you how to attract a sapiophile. Sapiophiles love deep conversations. As a dating coach, one of my biggest philosophies is that you must be good at small talk. This is so you can create a safe environment for the other person. You want them to be free to open up to windsor escort reviews. If the sapiophile starts asking you more personal questions, go for it.

Dive deep, right off the bat, as this will be the best way to attract their attention.


You want to be a know it all. Someone that has a hoh personals amount of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Not only will this make you more attractive to a sapiophile, it will show them that you can keep up a variety of conversations.

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Sapiophiles also love this because they like to talk about things they know. If you like to learn about a wide variety of topics, they will enjoy teaching you. Learn more: Lust Vs. Preferably more than one thing. In order to know a lot, or be really good foshan escort something, you must spend a lot of time with that subject. People with above-average intelligence are familiar with diving deep into topics.

Sapiophiles want you to question everything.

What is the opposite of a sapiophile

In order to do this effectively, you must never get frustrated or show s of discomfort while having a healthy debate. That way they will feel confident in all their life choices and opinions.

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Sapiophiles love seeing that you make your learning as efficient as possible. The more quickly you can pump that knowledge in your head, the more you will attract howe in housewives personals sapiophile. One of the more obvious ways for how to attract a sapiophile is male escort columbus have the paper to prove it.

In order to attract a sapiophile, you must read a lot. Listening to audiobooks or reading your Kindle is great, but physical books are much more attractive.

A sapiophile will love it if you have a library

Sapiophiles enjoy seeing the proof that you have read thousands of books. Learn More: Is dating coaching for you?

Although having a breadth of knoweldge is attractive to a sapiophile, they want to see that you are continuing to expand that knowledge. But if they choose to stop learning there, the sapiophile will soon get bored. Sapiophiles want to see that you are learning and want to hear thailand teen prostitute you have learned. Escorts bethlehem is what really gets them going.

This toronto exotic escorts one of the ways for how to attract a sapiophile and you can bring it out in your first conversations. If you use big words, it will immediately bring your intelligence to the forefront.

Everything you need to know about dating a sapiosexual

If the sapiophile, makes a mistake while using language or grammar, be sure to correct it! The last thing they want to hear is that you love Game of Thrones and binge watched Tiger King. Sapiophiles are seriously attracted to women like Melinda Gates because they work really black ts escorts columbia.

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They have a long list of accomplishments to show for it. It also means acting in a well-mannered way.

15 things that are attractive to a sapiophile

Knowing table etiquette, avoiding swear words, and always being dressed appropriately. A great example from Bustle makes this point more clear:. The juxtaposition of these two publications is sure to create humorous disjuncture between your form of sensual erudition and the de rigueur titillation of the masses.

Both of these are extremely milkmaid escort saint eustache to a sapiophile. It is a combination of natural intelligence and extreme dedication.

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Business Insider points this ts escorts in south fla. Even just starting to learn a musical instrument can change the neurophysiology of the brain. This will make you better at debates and proving your point. But it will also make you better at questioning your own values and opinions. You should understand the logical fallacies.

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A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning that renders an connecticut ct housewives personals invalid. A very interesting article from Inc tells us that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has a sapiophile personality way to test if someone is smart. He checks to see if they can easily change their minds.

People who are attracted to intelligence often expect maturity to come along with it. Sapiophiles do not like getting caught up housewives personals in port charlotte fl drama or insecurity. The League is also a great dating app for finding people who are highly educated. You can also search by education on sites like Match.

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