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Committee Notes on Rules— Amendment Subdivision a. Examples would be a statement that the responding party will limit the search to documents or electronically stored information created within a given period of time prior to the events in suit, or to specified sources. The amendment to Rule 34 b permits the requesting party to designate the form or forms in which it wants electronically stored information produced. The redundant reminder of Rule 37 a procedure in the second paragraph of former Rule 34 b is omitted as no longer useful. The production must be completed either by the time for inspection specified in the request or by another reasonable time specifically identified in the response. The provision that absent court order a party need not produce the same electronically stored information in more than one form was moved to become a separate item for the sake of emphasis.

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Rule 34 a 1 is intended to be broad enough to cover all current types of computer-based information, and flexible enough to encompass future changes and developments.

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Interrogatories to Parties up Rule The good cause requirement was originally inserted in Rule 34 as a general protective provision in the absence of experience with the specific problems that would arise thereunder. An objection may state that a request is overbroad, but if the objection recognizes that some part of the request is appropriate the objection should state the scope that is not overbroad.

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