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It could also mean barebacking with a year-old man named Clarence. It's taboo; it's still kind of like standard heterosexual fucking since it's also about putting something inside a hole and most importantly, the difficulty level is high. You are only a step away from fucking a corpse at the scene of a car accident. Ladies, until you prove it to me in person, I just won't believe it. The moldy codgers who get past this sexual brick wall do so by developing an elaborate series of coping mechanisms.

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All require a man far more coordinated than me to perform them successfully.

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The Straight Man's Guide to Receiving Anal Sex from Your Girlfriend

On more than one occasion, a woman has asked me if I wanted to do "butt stuff" when it became clear that coitus wasn't cutting it anymore. Sometimes, when all hope seems to be lost and the world is shrouded in darkness, my female sexual partner will ask to give rather than receive. In order to better cope with assplay, I've taken to saying the alphabet backwards as a means of relaxation. Relationships are about doing things you don't want to do.

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