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Retrieved October 30, Yonhap News Agency in Korean. Seungri said, "I had a tough time outshining other members of the group, so I studied foreign languages. In peripheral investigations, police announced over drug related arrests on March 25, , after declaring "total war" against drug crime on February 25, due to the scandal at the Burning Sun. Retrieved February 4, While looking into the Burning Sun scandal, SBS funE had discovered videos dated from to , as well as conversations he shared in chat groups on the social media app KakaoTalk with Seungri, and acquaintances.

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It was a trendy hip hop lounge-style bar, [40] [41] co-owned by Seungri, Yoo and a group of K-pop singers.

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8 Asian Celebrity Sex Scandals You Might Not Know About

Seungri's involvement and his relationship to the nightclub immediately became a hot media issue. It was known as a TV and sports celebrity hang-out, had a reputation for a very strict dress code, and could accommodate guests with separate EDM and hip hop dance floors. He claimed to have received a video clip from staff, showing "an intoxicated woman being raped". One of them also filmed it".

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