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Also, that house belongs to The 4th Hokage and his wife Kushina Uzumaki, and she has a reason why she's heading there, and that is, She is going to steal Kushina from Minato since the poor woman is always left alone at home. Both Kushina and Hinata are sleeping on their last night of staying at the Love's den as their dreaming of the things there had done for past two weeks, as their sleeping lovely into other's arms as deep down, there can't wait to go at it again at Kushina's, but for now their sleep. Hinata reaches around and grabs Kushina's ass as she is kissing Kushina more as Kushina closes her eyes as she is thinking 'i-it's been so long since I was the last touch a-and Hinata wants me. As Hitomi says "n-no p-please Hinata listen to reason! As she sees that it's Hinata "H Hinata? D:Favorited if you like it, and as well get updates when it comes, leave a review as flames are no longer welcome. Hinata is feeling how her cock is moving through the tight walls that is Kushina's pussy as she is making her thrust more stronger and powerful with each thrust she makes, Kushina is losing her mind as she feels Hinata's cock pushing in further and further inside as she screams more.

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hinata futa

Kushina is moving her breasts up and down on Hinata's pussy as she sees how much Hinata is enjoying it as she keeps going.

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Hinata Futa anime HD wallpaper

However, didn't bother looking, as Kushina founds her trap into a corner as she says "no" then turns around to see Hinata coming up to her with her cock so hard and ready to fuck as she says "trying to get away my busty stepmom? Your g-gigantic cock is breaking me Hinata! And were you about to take a shower?

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