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To this end, we've seen her deal with some incredibly relatable issues in the show's first run of episodes — specifically, the grief she still endures over losing her mother, Alura Zor-El, in the event that destroyed her home planet of Krypton. She eventually uprooted the Kryptonian city from the planet and sent it into orbit surrounding the sun, forbidding any Earthlings including her family from visiting. At least it's something, though, right? That's what I'll keep telling myself as I cry over the fact that Kara won't really get to talk to her mother — just a hologram of Alura — ever again. But, on the bright side, we still get to see Kara and Alura interact through the projection program, and subsequently rip our hearts out because it's honestly so tragic.

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Cordelia. Age: 23.
alura mom

In the comics, Alura's storyline is a bit different, though it could potentially still match up with Supergirl.

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Mikaela. Age: 28.
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After sending Kara to Earth, Alura has lived on in her daughter's memories and a projection program — now set up in the DEO facility — that has the purpose of mentoring Supergirl. Kara's mother seems like a kind, compassionate, and fair really, just generally all-around amazing person who wouldn't hold any prejudice against Earth's inhabitants. Alura and many other Kryptonians survived by means of Braniac's bottle city called Kandor, where they were trapped for many years.

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