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On this view, "Iblis" is diptote because it is very similar to non-Arabic words. Iblis was the most frightened among them. Iblis had the appearance of an enormous demon, larger than several houses combined. History This article is a stub. The primary characteristic of the Devil, is that he has no power other than the power to cast evil suggestions into the chests of humans, and jinn, although the Qur'an does mention appointing jinn to assist those who are far from God in a general context. Iblis is the one who refuse to submit to Allah and did not prostrate to Adam because of his arrogance and then did not repent unlike Adam who commited a sin but did repent.

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Iblis was a Dalkian soldier.

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According to some exegetes of the Quran, he was an angel. The Ouija board mentioned Iblis — the equivalent of Satan in the Islamic tradition. In his disobedience against God and his role as tempter of mankind, Iblis resembles Satan in the Christian tradition. Iblis Ginjo was a former trustee of Omnius, who escaped to the League of Nobles from Earth, and emerged as a major political figure during the Butlerian Jihad.

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