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sunny smiles fallout
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Choose to end the tutorial without finishing the rest of the available quest. If the Goodsprings settler dies, the player character won't receive the reputation boost or the purified water, but can loot her body for a cleaver , field hand outfit and a handful of caps. Sign In Don't have an account? Once the player character gets close to the first well, Sunny will tell them to sneak, by crouching, to surprise the geckos. At this point, the player character can choose to continue or end the tutorial, the latter ending in the forfeit of several rewards. Should the Goodsprings settler being attacked by the geckos survive, she will give the player character 3 bottles of purified water and their reputation in Goodsprings will improve.

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Mariana. Age: 23.
sunny smiles fallout

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Brynlee. Age: 29.
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Back in the Saddle

Categories : Fallout: New Vegas quests Goodsprings quests. Talk to Sunny Smiles at the Prospector Saloon. The player character will receive 60 5. Reward: Talk to Sunny for 50 XP and 50 bottle caps.

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