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Stephanie, Kimmy, and Fernando go to Los Angeles, the former to perform her new song on Danny and Becky's show, Kimmy to sneak her way into the spotlight, and Fernando to see the set of his favorite show. The homecoming dance is dead, so the dance team captain, Chad Brad Bradley, invites everyone to his house since his parents are away. Joey also receives bad news: his wife got a job being a magician on a cruise ship for six months, so now he has to raise his four wild kids all alone. However, it may be more than DJ was expecting when Gia ends up being the girlfriend, causing DJ to become competitive and hurt Steve. DJ sees a pretty wedding dress and the shop owner lets her try it on.

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The woman is actually a real estate agent; Fernando has bought the Gibbler family home for him, Kimmy and Ramona to all live in.

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Things don't sit well with DJ when the interviewer from the preschool suggests that Tommy should see a speech specialist and wait to enroll in the spring. Stephanie takes up dodgeball to take out her frustration instead of confronting what she needs from Jimmy. DJ and Kimmy reunite with old flames and enemies at their high school reunion, leading DJ to wonder if she still has feelings for Steve, who reveals his intentions of proposing to CJ.

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