Mgq black alice

mgq black alice
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Flame Breath: A stronger version of fire breath. Her birth caused the original timeline to be completely destroyed and caused the creation of an infinite amount of timelines into the world, kickstarting the plot of the second game. Draining Rose: A rose skill that drains health from the user's enemies. Demon Eyes of Recovery: A magical skill that heals status effects of any enemy that gazes into the user's eyes. Ice Age: The strongest of the ice spells. As the legend goes, she was defeated by the hero Heinrich.

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Heal: A basic healing skill.

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Nola. Age: 31.
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Black Alice

She keeps most of her normal personality otherwise. Silence: A magic skill that seals away the opponent's magical skills. Bio Mist: The user releases a poisonous mist around, poisoning all foes. Alicetroemeria is a persona taken by Black Alice, years ago.

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