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He is now the vice-chairman of The New Voice of Hong Kong helping the laryngeal cancer survivors to rebuild their lives and actively disseminating smoke-free message to every corner of the city. In order to promote smoke-free message, Patrick acts as a role model to encourage smokers to quit by setting up the Quit-Winners Club. On his years-old birthday, he decided to quit smoking and restore health as the best gift to himself. All of his colleagues in nightclub were smokers and he could consume 4 to 5 packs of cigarette per day. He could not resist the temptation as the clients distributed cigarettes to everyone in the meeting and he smoked again. He used to consume 3 packs of cigarette a day and the bad smell of smoking caused him missing lots of valuable family time as his kids refused to get close to him. HON felt relieved and more energetic after saying no to smoking and recovering from cancer.

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He claimed that determination was crucial to kick the habit. She has recovered and now records the sweets and bitters during her illness through painting to comfort the survivors from deadly diseases especially those who have been harmed by tobacco. She has got promoted after kicking the bad habit which she regarded as a bonus. Over 60 recruitment sessions and promotion activities were organized across the territory from June to September and attracted over 1, smokers to sign up and receive smoking cessation counseling.

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