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Emma felt a faint flush of embarrassment for throwing herself at him like that, his rejection stinging more than she wanted to admit. They all looked at her differently, Regina, Gold. He hung the lantern he was carrying on a tree branch and the light rippled gold across the black water. Her nipples hardened to tight points and she flipped onto her back, tipping her head and letting her hair soak while she floated with her eyes closed. He hung the lantern off his hook this time and reached out with his hand, fingers wiggling in the air between them. His eyes went dark when she peeled off the gray tank and dropped it to the ground, followed by boots and socks and pants.

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Zahra. Age: 21.
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About A Canadian girl who likes to write.

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Karter. Age: 21.
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Tales of the Sea

It came out like an accusation and Hook flinched a little, glancing away while Emma scratched at her arm and felt like a bitch. But nothing compared to Neverland. Emma lifted her head and met his gaze head on where he stood next to the pool, so close and so far.

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