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ballbusting machine
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Now I constructed a new device in CAD that squeezes and can be controled by one self or an other person. Yes a ballbusting machine will cause as much perhaps even more pain than being busted by a real live woman. I am still looking for a time frame to build it. I already though of patenting it, but I would first have to give it to my company if they are allowed to claim it I would love to see some sketches, or diagrams of how to make one.

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Angelina. Age: 31.
ballbusting machine

I am still looking for a time frame to build it.

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Libby. Age: 29.
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Ballbusting machine version 5

But the balls easiely hop out. When my girl is out of town, she likes to have me set it up and chat with me while she adjusts the speed back and forth. If someone invented an artificial cunt that was like the real thing it would not be the same as sex with a woman.

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