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Episode 4 min and min she admired Rain's special move Disarmament Buster, and was blushing while putting her hands between her breasts. Before Charlotte can attack, Mirei and Mamori break Noe out of detention so that she can reach Nimi, allowing her to return to normal size. Retrieved November 22, Mirei, Mamori, and Kasumi come across a girl named Nimi Minimi who, after running away from the castle when Charlotte tried to force her and her girlfriend Noe Oya into separate partnerships, somehow wound up in a giant form. Lady Lady are asked by Akira to investigate a location said to contain the secret of Mermaid, bringing Mamori, Mirei, and Meifon along with them. Kasumi recalls how she and her partner Hibiki Kenjo, who has been in shock ever after being attacked on the island, was protected by Akira and made commander of Warter.

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However, Momoka uses Mamori's Valkyrie ability to absorb other girls into her arm and become stronger, overwhelming the others in a single shot and absorbing them.

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Episode 8 minute just as an artificial Arm appeared in the manufacturing plant under Mermaid Island, she answered Rain's request to Drive with a kiss. Inside the blade, as the captives are attacked by tentacles that draw the Armed Virus out of them, providing Momoka with enough power to even destroy a satellite, Mirei manages to break free and reunite with Mamori, freeing her from Momoka's control and releasing the others. This naturally causes panic as she approaches the castle, with Kasumi's attempts to stop her only causing her to grow larger still.

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