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I want people to come to my show and see women of all bodies, colors and expressions they can be attracted to, and for those attractions to be celebrated and welcomed, no matter what they are. According to the Human Rights Campaign , there have been at least killings of transgender people since , many of which were committed by men grappling with transamory. So when Fine China started Jolene, Monroe was grateful for the opportunity to dance somewhere she could be out and celebrated, not fetishized. Sometimes she'll write about other stuff like science and health and Bill Clinton if you triple-dog-dare her, though. Usually, that means cis women and cis women only.

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QC ‘STRIPPER BOWL’ Ends With Strippers Fighting For Money; Broke And Stuck in Miami’s Airport

Precinct, the historically gay nightclub where Jolene is being hosted tonight, is a workable placeholder, but the show is neither as well-attended nor as high-energy as it was at Cheetahs. Jolene is the only trans-inclusive strip club night in L. For Fine China and the rest of Jolene, the impact of these changes was huge.

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