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She is over sixty years of age, very small of stature, exceedingly fat and corpulent. These donations took place with such haste that they were not always registered, and on some occasions the same piece of land was given away twice. The following year, Christina resisted demands from the other estates clergy, burghers and peasants in the Riksdag of the Estates for the reduction of tax-exempt noble landholdings. Roman Catholic — Lutheran — The University of North Carolina Press. He won several battles, and in , Cardinal Richelieu decided France would support Sweden with money and soldiers.

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The theologian Johannes Matthiae Gothus became her tutor; he gave her lessons in religion , philosophy , Greek and Latin.

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Her tutor, Johannes Matthiae, influenced by John Dury and Comenius , who since had been working on a new Swedish school system, represented a gentler attitude than most Lutherans. She would gladly have visited England, but she received no encouragement from Cromwell and stayed in Fontainebleau as nobody else offered her a place. She had more conversations with them, being interested in Catholic views on sin, immortality of the soul, rationality and free will. With Christina's strict schedule he was invited to the cold and draughty castle at AM daily to discuss philosophy and religion.

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