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Canterlot was designed to give the sense of its residents' royalty and nobility. Retrieved August 13, — via Twitter. Retrieved November 5, — via Twitter. After "School Daze", Twilight becomes " headmare " of the School of Friendship to teach other creatures the benefits of friendship, and appoints her friends as teachers. In addition to the main trio, there are others who are accepted into the Cutie Mark Crusaders across the series:. Tara Strong Rebecca Shoichet singing. It is depicted as a floating city of clouds where pegasi produce Equestria's clouds, weather and rainbows inside a specialized "weather factory".

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Hanna. Age: 20.
big mac my little pony toy

Director Jayson Thiessen describes her as "kind of a neurotic perfectionist " who has "a touch OCD ", [11] prone to suffering from nervous breakdowns when confronted with insurmountable problems or concepts that goes against her understanding.

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Alaina. Age: 27.
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My Little Pony Friends All About Big MacIntosh

Her cutie mark, a rainbow-colored lightning bolt, represents her athleticism and obsession with speed and adventure. She is a party planner at Sugarcube Corner, a bakery and confectionery store that resembles a gingerbread house , [32] and owns a toothless pet alligator named Gummy. Faust was pleased with the change, saying it "really helped pull [Rarity] away from the stereotypical, unlikable debutante ". Her cutie mark, a trio of diamonds, represents her talent for prospecting gemstones and her love of art and beauty.

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