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alice monmusu
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Hey, I'm not judging if you aren't killing. Obviously, monster girls in this continent become ever more violent and murderous, but it's ok sshh they are oppressed so Luka wanders to the monster castle to confront the Monster Lord but look, it's actually Alice! The game's main antagonist, though it's not revealed for most of it. Now, MGQ doesn't have a uniform art for all the monster girls in the game, which many of people will notice. She's your textbook tsundere albeit brutal , where she's completely indifferent to Luka at first, but starts to warm up to him after she realizes that he's dead serious about his aspirations of coexistence and his drive at making progress.

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Julieta. Age: 28.
alice monmusu

And Ilias is back in heaven after her millennia long cycle of atrocities, everything is a-OK!

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Celia. Age: 29.
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Mon Musu Quest!

But God forgive if a human militant throws a grenade to scare off misunderstood mermaids, they deserve petrification and death. Alipheese Fateburn VIII was one of the previous monster lords who incited war against humans, leading to a bloody chapter that only ended after she was defeated by an unblessed hero named Heinrich. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Still though, that doesn't stop it from being fun and it does have a lot of moments to keep you at the edge of your seat.

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