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It would give you guys a chance to chat. I had no intention of putting makeup on before Robbie offered me a ride. Everywhere my family and I travel, we check out at least one library. Before we reached the mall a mere 20 minutes away we had settled into a smooth and easy conversation. We pull into the mall parking lot shortly after and I park the car, putting the top up. She gathers her long hair and twists it up in a knot, revealing her slender neck. A quick drive to the mall was completely harmless and would probably help appease my growing obsession, perhaps even stop it altogether.

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I stop dead in my tracks, surprised to see Robbie standing in my living room this early in the morning.

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My face is still a bit flushed. I take a final look in the mirror and run my fingers through my hair again. I know my dad would be hearing about this later. I take a deep breath in and try to calm myself.

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