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I am not one of those people. How does one determine the difference between opinion and slander? A DMCA notice sent to Imgur should have been the full extent of Higbee's actions, but instead it decided to subject itself to public mockery by handling this like an overeager hobbyist, rather than the capable law firm it imagines itself to be. That Anonymous Coward profile , 10 Oct am. He should've put it in the public domain.

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Saying you didn't mean it literally may not protect you always from a slander charge, but if it's a claim that no one could take literally, no court will call it slander.

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Stupid Law Firm Decides To Threaten Something Awful Over Hot-Linked Hitler Picture

Regarding disbarment, you can show how much of a joke that is, and why lawyers like this are likely not worried about it in the least with one word:. Inquiring minds what to know. He should've put it in the public domain. Which does not mean they won't try.

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