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female halo spartan
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As for Spartan IVs, there is probably something similar, but the augmentation process is said to be much safer and more adapted to the general population. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Which is ironic because the very augmentations she developed stunted their sexual drives and psychologically they display sociopathic tendencies and difficulty adapting to a "normal" civilian life. In terms of all the other skills in the battlefield, I can't see any of them not being done by women. And Kelly happens to be faster than all other Spartans. Not that women cant be soldiers.

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female halo spartan

It's not all about strength ya know!

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[Locked] Female Spartans

This thread is going in my compendium of 'Halo fans proving themselves to be the dumbest science fiction fans ever'. In The Fall of Reach, it is stated that the Spartan II candidates were not only selected for their physical and mental attributes, they were also flagged as having a very specific set of genotypes that showed better chances of accepting the augmentations. Sweeping generalizations, especially about things like gender, are bad. It's not all about strength ya know!

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