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anime biggest boobs
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This list has already gotten off to a huge start. Ah yes, One Piece , one of my favorite anime of all time that unfortunately does have the awkward element of many of its female characters being unbelievably and unrealistically well endowed. Trackbacks There are no trackbacks yet. There was never any question that Boa Hancock would appear on this list. So while some characters with bigger breasts may be lower on the list, the ones that had the most impact on the viewer will be higher up. We have a feeling that if Robin were real, she would most likely collapse in on herself, creating a small black hole in the immediate area.

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Karlee. Age: 21.
anime biggest boobs

When your breasts have been turned into silicon mousepads , you know you have to take number one.

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Kinslee. Age: 20.
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With a height of centimeters 5 feet 5. First up is Narusawa Ryoka from the anime Occultic;Nine , made by the same creator as Steins;Gate who apparently has a thing for semicolons in titles. So what do you think of the top ten list? We have no idea what that means, but we have a feeling that by the end of One Piece , Nami may be more breast than human.

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