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This movie basically begins with a full frontal nude scene, when Cillian Murphy's character wakes up completely naked in a hospital bed and realizes that much of society has been infected by an insane virus. If you've been wondering what Ralph Fiennes looks like naked, it's probably a good time to watch A Bigger Splash , because you'll get your answer. According to IMDb's Brokeback Mountain trivia page , director Ang Lee was originally going to cut the full frontal moment from this movie featuring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal jumping into a lake , but ended up including it in some versions. This full-frontal moment happened in a shower scene and is quite memorable. The Dreamers is a movie about a brother-sister duo who have a ton of sex, and with a ton of sex comes a ton of nudity. But honestly, 28 Days Later is so terrifying that you'll forget all about the jaw-dropping nudity by the time it's over. But some actors are more than willing to go there — "there" being the wild world of full frontal nudity.

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Jake Gyllenhaal spends much of Jarhead showering naked, wandering around naked, and being, well, just super naked a lot of the time.

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The 15 Best Movies With Male Nudity

Bruce Willis in 'Color of Night'. The hilarious moment comes when Jason's character tries to get his girlfriend in the mood for sex, and ends up getting his heart broken instead. Peter Sarsgaard in 'Kinsey'. Kevin Bacon in 'Wild Things'.

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