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Somehow she recovered, her legs shaking, she waited as the woman ordered a large ice tea and a large glass of water. The kitchen just delivered the food for table 7, so she balanced as much of it as she could, Carlene helping with the rest, and the two walked back to the table of cheerleaders, who quickly dived into their meals. Carlene turned around, watching Amber run out the door, wondering what to do. Amber was starting to pee on herself, and she knew it. I say nothing for the most part.

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She felt a small trickle of pee escape and a thin line of pee stain ran down her left thigh.

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Amber fought another wave of pressure, realizing now the emergency desperation SHE faced, and cashed the coach and his table out. Amber panicked, clutching her muscles tighter, taking her hand away from her crotch, in total and absolute desperation. She needed to use the bathroom as badly as she ever had in her life, easily as badly as she had earlier that day, and if the bathrooms were out of order…. Of course, people are being asses and using chairs as tables for plates so there are less seats.

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