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A few minutes later the stabbing pains came back, which made me scream, it was really hurting. I pulled away from him, then I put on my shirt and jacket. Apparently, Leah had called the company and got us a car. My face was resting on the unfamiliar chest, and I could just make out a few tattoos on the rock-hard chest. I dried away my tears and cleared my throat. Being 5 months pregnant was really starting to piss me off. Justin did the same thing, but he was quicker than me to get our of our current trance.

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So I cleared my throat and gently used my knife and my glass to get their attention.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Justin picked me up at 9pm, in a limousine. Justin opened the door into the limousine for me, then he got in himself. I winked at them, then I turned back to Justin, where I wrapped an arm around his waist. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me close and hugged me tightly.

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