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Nate pauses and raises an eyebrow at the demon. The doctors wanted to check them, after he was found. He opened it, and his breath caught in his throat. You had just finished your shift and was looking forward to going home. When the King cast his spell, she was put to sleep, for her father wanted her to be safe. Nate laughs and strokes one of the patches of russet feathers. The path was long and hard, but eventually, he reached the castle.

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She was too beautiful to be human, with hair as white as virgin snow, skin as dark as earth, eyes as blue as a clear winter sky, and dressed in a gown made of northern lights, a crown of stars on her head.

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Jemma. Age: 26.
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I know your heart, i know your intentions and i know theres a small possibility that you love me as i love you. Without thinking, he brushed the frozen lips with his. No one understands how free and young and happy you suddenly feel for two hours. There was something otherworldly about that woman, an ethereal grace buried beneath the cold ice.

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