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They swirled around her puffy, chubby ring, and coated her so thoroughly with slippery fluid. They probing digits were slick and cool, coated with lube. Helena offered a wry smile to Theodora and she lowered her hand. They pressed until Theodora could feel them spreading her, until she could feel them sliding effortlessly past her pinched-shut hole. Before she can be admitted, she first has to prove herself to her soon-to-be sisterhood.

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centaur futa

She pushed past the tight, clenching ring in a way that seemed effortless.

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Working on Futa Centaur 3

They pressed firm against her puckered flesh, against the center of her asshole. Summary: Futanari centaur Theodora is about to be inducted into her centaur tribe's elite group of huntresses, an honor extended to a rare few. She pressed her fingers into Theodora's hole again, and then pushed further, spreading open the big, chubby ring of muscle with her long, experienced digits.

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