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I give you the Top 10 anime she-wolves! Blue is the living proof of this behavior. Moro from Mononoke Hime Princess Mononoke. This shy girl definitely seems to have a wild side. Of course, Liru is not just a sexy wolf girl.

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Annabelle. Age: 27.
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We all love how interesting, charming and soft they can be those tails are so furry, OMG!

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Makenzie. Age: 30.
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Top 10 Anime Wolf Girls

Riza is a half-breed werewolf, since her father is a werewolf and her mother is human. Holo from Ookami to Koushinryou Spice and Wolf. Of course, Liru is not just a sexy wolf girl. On her travels with Lawrence, her companion, she takes the form of a gorgeous teenage girl, although her cutest and most important wolf features remain; namely, her wolf ears and her sexy tail.

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