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Everyone in the castle knew Shiro and Allura liked one another as more than just team mates. Allura paused, her food touching her lips. She opened her eyes in a gasp, trying to gain some composure. Allura is suddenly struck with oversexed, intolerable heat and she needs Shiro to be her inamorato. Watching the sweat drip down his arms and roll across the dips and curves of his chest to his ridged stomach made her symptoms flare.

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princess allura sex

And he was going to get to the bottom of it.

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Allura grunted at the memory, fingering the spandex trim around her silky underwear. She sucked in a harsh breath as his masculine scent instantly set her ablaze. She looked down at her damp garment sandwiched between her thighs and her clothes scattered across the floor and felt utterly ridiculous. She could both inspire him to do such great things and encourage him to become a better, stronger version of himself while also keep him up late at night rubbing one out like some prepubescent fifteen year old.

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