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In fact, Wildfire has the world's longest-standing crush on him. Warriors Orochi : Taigong Wang, if he wore it loose that is. Rei and Kaoru also have shoulder-length hair, though in their case it's highly layered and much more masculine. Jae-ha is also the only one of the Cast Full of Pretty Boys who seems to know just how pretty he is and will try to use it to get what he wants with varying success, his companions are completely immune. Jakotsu thought he was very attractive as well, but by then had his heart set on Inuyasha.

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Aspen. Age: 28.
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In his route, not only Ambrosia likes him but Wildfire as well.

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Kynlee. Age: 24.
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Krishna is known for his long hair and his beauty, as is the god Vishnu whom he incarnates from. As an adult Robin is shown to have long hair. He's tall, has long red hair, and is gorgeous enough to have his fanclub.

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