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He had at least two girlfriends at the time this was shot. When the underwear is removed, the main fun begins. It features ex-military stud muffin Jeremy and the then-new cocksucker Marco. Since these two guys Frankie and Josh the Ginger Giant were so horny, after some time they decided to take the matter into their own hands — and mouths, too! Jeremy is straight and has a girlfriend, but he knows very well that guys are usually more passionate about blowjobs than girls and can give some amazing head, so when he heard that there was a new cocksucker Marco he wanted to check him out. On one Sunday afternoon Tony sent a message to Newyorkstraightmen, asking if they were going to have a good cocksucker nearby. Since his girlfriend was so conservative, Jeremy and her were given separate bedrooms and were not allowed to have any sexual contact.

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Use the form below to search the site:. As luck would have it, they did — actually Trey was just servicing another guy at that moment. Oscar rewarded Marco with a huge load that was delivered straight into his mouth!

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