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A group of Japanese teenagers are in a restaurant and complain about an offending smell that manifests just as a pale figure appears in the background. I wasn't going to include this video. Your browser does not support the video tag. There is no hard evidence that such an incident ever actually occurred, but it is a really creepy idea for a short horror movie about being stalked. What if there's someone peeing in your sink at home right now? Rubber Johnny "Rubber Johnny" is not just British slang for a condom.

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Jacqueline. Age: 26.
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This "game" was labeled simply "ZK.

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Nicole. Age: 21.
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It is for you to decide on your own whether it is real or fake. User the15experience uploaded with the simple description: "This video was sent to me anonymously. Three weeks later, Lam's body was discovered naked and drowned in the building's water tower, and her death was labeled an accident. To indulge in creepy horror videos, you just need to know where to look.

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