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I couldn't look at either of them for a while after that but she never came into my room uninvited ever again. I was lying on my back spread eagle under a blanket having a grand old time, and right before I can finish she walks in and is asking a question but when she sees me she actually screams and slams the door. I did it every day, every time I showered. I started drifting off and my thoughts led to sex so I eventually was horny and started rubbing one out. Her boyfriend was in the living room so I'm guessing she told him what happened.

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Alannah. Age: 31.
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She definitely reveals too much about her personal life on the Internet.

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Avianna. Age: 20.
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He never barged in on me again. What your star sign means for your sex life. The worst part was next morning when my grandma called me and told me to, 'stop watching those evil women' or else.

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