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The Bureau of Wet Nurses was created in Paris, , to serve two main purposes; it supplied parents with wet nurses, as well as helped lessen the neglect of charges by controlling monthly salary payments to wet nurses. Sometimes the infant is placed in the home of the wetnurse for several months, as was the case for Jane Austen and her siblings. Breast pump Nipple shield Nursing bra Nursing chair Supplemental nursing system. A wet nurse can help when a mother is unable or unwilling to feed her baby. Uk colonists brought the practice of wet nursing with them to North America. Categories : Personal care and service occupations Child care occupations Breastfeeding Gendered occupations Wet nurses. In her prime she unfailingly produced two quarts four pints or 1.

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Additionally, a woman who is difficult to get pregnant may wet-nurse and rear a relative especially a poorer one's new-born as a mancing Javanese language for "lure".

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Some non-royal wetnurses have been written about. From Roman times and into the present day, philosophers and thinkers alike have held the view that the important emotional bond between mother and child is threatened by the presence of a wet nurse. Hayek later discussed on camera an anecdote of her Mexican great-grandmother spontaneously breast-feeding a hungry baby in a village. It has been linked to social class, where monarchies, the aristocracy , nobility or upper classes had their children wet-nursed for the benefit of the child's health, and sometimes in the hope of becoming pregnant again quickly.

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