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It takes a minute to register since she was so much younger in Dirty Dancing , but the actress playing Baby's mom is none other than Kelly Bishop. Why didn't Baby pick Billy in Dirty Dancing? You can't watch the movie and not secretly hope these two will wind up together in the end. Our jaws dropped when Vivian threw her fur stole to the floor, but we quickly realize it actually isn't that surprising — she is exorbitantly wealthy and entitled, so making such a potentially costly move doesn't faze her. The funniest part of Dirty Dancing happens to be unintentional. Or would your added life perspective lead you to look at the movie in a new light?

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Emmy. Age: 22.
johnny castle favorite

In fact, they seemed to have natural chemistry from the moment they meet, when she helps him get luggage out of the car and sparks fly.

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Melody. Age: 27.
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Things about Dirty Dancing you only notice as an adult

If so, who stayed in the palatial main house? Stick to the dance studio, kids! If you spent the better part of your childhood pretending to do the iconic lift scene from Dirty Dancing , you're definitely not alone. Wait, is that Newman from Seinfeld in Dirty Dancing?

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