Digimon fusion tai

digimon fusion tai
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Kids across town have had their rare cards stolen by a mysterious masked person. Approaching the Blade of Kotemon! They come back and work together, defeating Ganemon, and Hideaki doesn't hunt Digimon for a profit realizing he has to do it a more appropriate way. Later on, to Kaneda's dismay, the bug he caught is actually MetallifeKuwagamon who later on takes the boy as a hostage to cover his escape. Tagiru suspects that a Digimon is behind this and investigates the DigiQuartz with Gumdramon. However, a month later, Gumdramon returns to the real world and is reunited with Tagiru. With Yuu also affected, Tagiru and Taiki suspect a Digimon to be behind it.

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digimon fusion tai

Once slide-evolving into his true form, Quartzmon reveals that he used Ryouma to obtain enough Digimon data to construct his main body before fusing into it and burrowing underground to digitize the Earth for asborbing.

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Taichi "Tai" Kamiya

Then Pagumon says "It must be Jagamon's doing! March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Tagiru and the Digimon Hunters battle GigaBreakdramon without success.

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